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Page 4, line -16: Add a ";" at the end of line.

Page 4, line -15: Replace "Efficient" with "efficient".

Page 4, Note: Note also that it is possible to call Matlab functions from R using the R.matlab package and R functions from Excel using the RExcelInstaller package.

Page 9, line 2: Replace beginning of sentence with "In the window New Data Set, choose a name".

Page 9, line -2: Replace sentence with "You can visualize your data set by clicking on View data set."

Page 10, line 3: Replace sentence with "In the menu Statistics, choose Summaries, then Numerical summaries ....".

Page 10, line -6: Replace beginning of sentence with "A window called Numerical Summaries opens up;".

Page 12, line 1: Replace sentence with "Click on Edit data set (below the RCommander menus).".

Page 12, line -6: Replace part of sentence with "Manage variables in ative data set, then Compute new variable".

Page 12, line -4: Replace part of sentence with "For New variable name, type BMI and for Expression to compute".

Page 12, line -1: Replace sentence with "Click on View data set to see the result for your data set.".

Page 13, line 3: Replace sentence with: "In the Data menu, choose Active data set, then Save active data set...".

Page 13, line 6: Replace "Do you wish to quit?" with "Exit?".

Page 13, line 13: Replace "View" with "View data set".

Page 13, line 15: Replace "Edit" with "Edit data set".

Page 13, line 16: Replace "View" with "View data set".

Page 13, line -15: Replace "dataset" with "data set".

Page 13, line -13: Replace "Write names of individuals (rows)" with "Write row names".

Page 14, line 4: Replace "Read data from an" with "Read data set from an".

Page 14, line 8: Replace "Enter a dataset name" with "Enter name of data set".

Page 14, line 9: Replace "Help on the selected dataset" with "Help on selected data set".

Page 14, line 12: Replace "View" with "View data set".

Page 14, line 17: Replace "Box plot" with "Boxplot".

Page 14, line 18: Replace "Plot by group" with "Plot by groups".

Page 14, line -7: Replace "independent t-test" with "Independent samples t-test".

Page 14, line -6: Replace "(one)" with "(pick one)".

Page 16, lines 1-2: Replace "Fill and analyse a double entry table..." with "Enter and analyze two-way table...".

Page 16, line 4: Replace "Total percentage" with "Percentages of total".

Page 16, line -5: Remove "of".

Page 17, lines 9-10: Replace "from a text file, the clipboard or a URL..." with "from text file, clipboard, or URL...".

Page 17, line 11-12: Replace "Internet link (URL) in Data file and the box Tabulations for Field separator" with "Internet URL for Location of Data File and the box Tabs for Field Separator".

Page 17, line 14: Replace "Internet link (URL)" with "Internet URL".

Page 17, line 17: Replace "The illness data set contains 80 rows and 8 columns" with "The dataset Illness has 80 rows and 8 columns".

Page 17, line 19: Replace "Model fitting" with "Fit models".

Page 17, line 21: Replace "Enter a name for the model" with "Enter name for model".

Page 17, line -4: Replace "Plot menu, choose 3D plot" with "Graphs menu, choose 3D graph".

Page 17, line -1: Replace "Ordinary" with "Linear".

Page 18, line -4: Replace "plug-ins" with "plug-in(s)".

Page 18, liine -1: Replace "Correlation" with "correlation".

Page 19, line 9: Replace "Search R Help ... (sos)" with "Search R help system ... (sos)".

Page 24, line 12: Replace "sample(1:2,1)" with "sample(1:3,1)".

Page 30, line 1o: Replace "BMI-CHILD" with "BMI.CHILD".

Page 30, line -1: Replace "WEIGHT-BIRTH" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT".

Page 31, line -1: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 31, line -1: Replace "Intima_Media_Thicness.xls" with "Intima_Media_Thickness.xls".

Page 33, last table: Replace "WEIGHT-BIRTH" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT", "BMI-CHILD" with "BMI.CHILD" and "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 42, Do it yourself, line 4: Add this sentence: "Change your current working directory for Rwork as explained on previous page".

Page 56, Tip: Replace "Poids" with "Weight" (twice).

Page 66, line -2: Replace with "var(height) # Variance of the heights.".

Pages 90-91: Replace all bullets with dashes.

Page 100: Replace three last bullets with dashes.

Page 176, line 5: Replace "par(arg-name)" with "par("arg-name")".

Page 176, line 7: Replace "par(arg-name=val)" with "par("arg-name"=val)".

Page 250: Add, before section, a Tip containing:
It is possible, under Linux, to access Lapack subroutines from R in an easier way. For example, to have access to the zhpevx subroutine which computes the eigenvalues/eigenvectors of an hermitian matrix, one can issue the following commands:

Page 255, lines 11: Replace "getLoadDLLs()" with "getLoadedDLLs()".

Page 255, lines 12: Replace "getLoadDLLs()" with "dlls <- getLoadedDLLs()".

Page 255, lines 13-14: Replace "e.g. is.loaded(random.dll)" with "e.g. is.loaded(random.dll) or, under Linux, try: dyn.load(paste(.Library,"/../modules/",sep="")) ; is.loaded("zhpevx")".

Page 310--: Several graphs should have appeared with colors in the book (as easily seen in the corresponding R instructions).

Page 324, lines 4, -9, -2: Remove dot (.) before %*%

Page 380, line -2: Replace "BIRTH-WEIGHT" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT".

Page 426, line -7: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 430, line -10: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 435, line 9: Replace "BMI-CHILD" with "BMI.CHILD".

Page 437, line -12: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 439, line -10: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 441, line -4: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 443, line -9: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 445, line -5: Replace "INTIMA-MEDIA" with "INTIMA.MEDIA".

Page 452, line -2: Replace "1050" with "1,050".

Page 456, line 8: Replace "BIRTH-WEIGHT" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT".

Page 482, line -1: Replace "BIRTH-WEIGHT" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT".

Page 489, line 1 of Warning: Replace "BIRTH-WEIGHT" with "BIRTH.WEIGHT".

Page 568, line 11+: Add the solution "5.20- Because logp() is not a vectorized function. It always output a single number.".